My first Make Art Matter photo in 2006 







 Make Art Matter Eco Arts Projects 2011 pre-production photo getting ready for Freedom Arts Fest.

Sun Flowers hold our wishes

 I love showing kids how to draw and paint sunflowers! In 2010 I created a number of sunflower paintings with students in Miami, Fl.

Freedom Art Fest MAMEA Eco-Arts Project 2010 - Kids had a field day using their imaginations to create a new world.

Freedom Art Fest MAMEA Eco-Arts Project- At The Wells Fellowship in Aptos, CA 2011

Playing The Game of Life / Miami Beach Teen Center Earth Day Mural Project presented to the City of Miami Beach  2010


Critter of the Everglades, Water awareness 1 2009 To show students how water conservation is important to our wetlands and fresh water source.

The objective was to introduce students to the concept of water conservation and introduce them to organizations which are working to restore the everglades. To assist them in developing anti water wasting habits during their art workshops. The project also was organized during the 2010 March for Parks so the students were also blessed with the opportunity to visit the Everglades first hand have a tour of the national park. Art project:  Everglades Critters Tile Project

Tree of Life Installation with Art Studio Miami

A collaboration with Art Studio The ‘Tree of Life’ concept is a unifying symbol representing spiritual, creative, and personal growth. The Art Studio ‘Tree Of Life’ is a mural sized collaborative piece of assembled art. Through environmentally themed lesson plans and complementary holistic arts, the global theme of love and caring for each other through our environmental connectedness will be represented by each youth in paintings, animations, and other creative expressions.

The Juggling Art Project and Garden Tours for 7th grade graduating class of 2010

 Ocean Awareness Project at Art Studio Miami with The Bridge Summer 2010

Art Sale for Kids Arts Fest -  promotion day Summer 2011

Freedom Art Fest MAMEA Eco-Arts Project- At The Wells Fellowship in Aptos, CA 2010

Lincoln Community Center Eco-Art Walk / Recycled Art Project 2008 Oakland, CA