Youth CUUP Project 2012

Posted by Tree Rivera on Friday, June 1, 2012

In conjunction with The CUUP Project series 1, 2 and future CUUP Project series. I am now releasing a new sequence of collaborative youth projects titled: Youth CUUP (Clean Up Urban Pollution) Projects.

Schools and community based organizations will have the opportunity to collaborate with me to further produce new medium – to large scale paint box installations + the chance for students, parents, and staff participation in  an organized, community Eco-art projects. Where art is merged with environmental education, exhibitions, and other types of creative productions to meet the mission of MAMEA. During the workshops students will collaborate with artist, environmentalist, and other professionals to create the MAMEA project objectives, and contribute to the process in its entirety. Every project will be developed specifically for brightening students imaginations in hopes of increasing their odds to take future roles in growing environmental stewardship.


Environmental Art Projects

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