Make Art Matter - Recycled Art Project @ Freedom Arts Fest 2010

Posted by Tree Rivera on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This weekend was Freedom Arts Fest I got to do one of my Make Art Matter Eco-Arts projects there and also was given the chance to exhibit pieces from the Make Art Matter series, and my new work "Solutions". The 2 larger pieces where from Solutions which is a project I started about a month ago. I will get more in to that on (Tree Rivera) website. As for the Make Art Matter project with the kids it went quite well. Every time I plan out these projects they go even better then planned. I gave the kids 3 different projects; plastic bottle flower garden, heart strings, and my fave trash to treasure. Most of the kids that participated went for trash to treasure where they had to dig through all the recycled materials (throw aways) and use their imagination and art supplies to turn it in to a treasure for our new world. The new world was an area out side the facility where we totally trashed- at the end the kids would use their imaginaions to re-do the area with their art. In my opinion during the project I felt like the kids got way in to the last project trash to treasure. They created telescopes, galactic spaceships, tree chimes, they saw houses, cars, robots, helmets and so much more! I love seeing kids creative I also like giving them the freedom to be and create what they feel. Below is my description which I wrote up a few weeks before the project and photos from sat.
Cheers xoxox Tree
Recycle Eco-Art Project Freedom Arts Fest– The focus of the project is to use our imaginations in reusing materials. The object is to have students practice recycled art techniques while collaboratively working together to decorate the front courtyard (front area) of the facility. During the project there will be a small discussion on the following topics: RRR, Natural Resources, the recycling process, Trash Facts for kids!


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